SKOANBE 23A 12V Alkaline Battery-Pack of 5

The packet is include 5pack 23a12v batteries wth great packet. The battery production is October 2019, and the best use date is before 2023. Also known as -23a, v23ga, rvo8 or vr22, k23a, e23a, ms21, 23AE, l1028, A23, etc. Wide range of uses, remote controls, can be used for doorbells, toys, excellent storage performance, lighters and other electrical appliances.

Comprehensive safety protection, stable and stable power supply, excellent sealing technology, environmental protection and mercury-free. High energy consumption products use, more stable and more durable. Features: 1. You can get 5 skoanbe 100% new brand 23A batteries, battery size: length: 1. 140, diameter: 0

41. 2. High-density housing, strong power storage performance, providing stable and safe power for the equipment, high energy density, suitable for various high energy-consuming equipment, but also suitable for small current and weak current equipment.5. Also known as: neda 1811a, iec 3lr50, 23ga, kodak k23a, ega-23a, rayovac r23a, lrv08pa, energizer ag23, varta va23ga, awi l01, vinnic l1028, lrvo8, miyako23a, lr23a, duracell mn21, miyako23a, 23ga, renata VR22A, MIYAKO-23AE, Eveready A23 and A23BP, MS21, V23.

4. Equivalent to: 21/23 23a 23ga mn21 12v battery MIYAKO23AE.

LAMPVPATH Pack of 6 A23 Battery Holder, 12V Battery Holder, 23A Battery Holder, 12V Battery Case with Leads Wires

Brand name: lampvpath specification: types of battery holder: 23a battery holder, 12v a23 battery holder with lead wires Voltage Output of One 23a Battery Holder: 12V, 1x 12V 23a battery= 12 volt battery box Dimensions of 23A Battery Holder with Lead Wires: L*W*H/1. 370" x 0516" x 0484"/3. 48cm x 1. 31cm x 1.

23cm leads of 23a battery holder: all a23 battery case box with leads, they are tinned wire end Wires Length of 23A Battery Holder: 5. 9"/15cm wires diameter of a23 battery Holder count in the PVC isolation around the wire: 00393"/1mm wires color of a23 battery holder: red and black, the red cable contact the positive side of the 12V battery case, and the black cable contact the negative side of the 12V battery case.

Dimensions of a23 battery holder: l*w*h/1. 370" x 0516" x 0484"/3. 48cm x 1. 31cm x 1. 23cm; weight of "12v 23a battery holder": 0105oz/3g.

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